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Welcome to my website

It's not much, but it's home(page). 

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art, click here. I will also happily create a personal, custom piece on a commission basis. Pet portraits, human portraits, favorite photographs, stuff for the kiddos, you name it. Whatever you want, I'm up for the challenge. I can create anything from a small, simple graphite drawing to a full-wall mural. I can also probably paint the side of an airplane if that's what you want. Hit me up, yo

About me

The first thing you should know about me is that I despise writing about myself in third person. I briefly considered calling this section "About Todd," but then I would have had to lie to you. And I don't want to do that. I think the trust we have is special.

The second thing you should know is that this photo is over 20 years old. I'm much older and fatter now, and even balder, if you can believe it. But no one wants to see that. Trust.

Anyway, I'm a writer who's written many things, and an artist who's arted many things. I also create word puzzles and design escape rooms. I  do other stuff too, but I can tell you're getting bored, so I'll wrap this up. I'm married to an incredible woman named Erin, I have a handsome son named Oliver, and I have two only slightly less handsome cats named Harry and Marv. 

Like all creatives, I live in a cottage in rural Connecticut and drink Earl Grey tea on the reg. 

My Books
My Books

Sheep of God

Gateway to Agartha

The Wellspring

Scrabble Strategy: 

The Secrets of a

Scrabble Junkie


"It is difficult to believe that this is author Todd Kreisman's rookie effort, because this twisted mind-bender of a novel lands him squarely in concert with the true masters of the modern suspense genre. Sheep of God will have you flipping pages frantically, as if your fingertips were set aflame by Kreisman's combustible prose - and what-happens-next is your only salve."


New York Times best-selling author


To contact me by phone:

I’m in the book. What book, you ask? The book of mind-your-own-business, that’s what book.

To contact me by carrier pigeon:

Write out your message, tie it to the pigeon’s leg, and set it free. If it comes right back to you, it's probably just a regular pigeon.

To contact me telepathically:

I am available for telepathic connections Monday through Friday between the hours of 2 and 4 pm. If you get a busy signal, please hang up and try back later.

To contact me via snail mail:

See “To contact me by carrier pigeon.” Replace pigeon with snail.  Expect delays.

To contact me in person:

Here’s a Mapquest to my house:

If you're still here, you must really want to contact me. You can email me here. But if you put me on some kind of mailing list, I swear to God. 

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