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Yes, that really is the title. (Well, almost. I changed the last word from "non-inclusivity" to "exclusivity" after the cover art was designed, in an effort to tighten things up.) 

This is a book I started several years ago, and never finished. It's a shame, because it's probably the funniest thing I've ever written. I just moved onto other things, and I don't do much novel writing anymore. So, rather than have it vanish into the abyss, I figured I'd at least throw it up on my website, in case anyone would like to read it, and then get to the point at which I stopped, and be tremendously frustrated and disappointed. 


Chapter 1: Where the Boys Are

Chapter 2: The Professional Temp

Chapter 3: The Full-Grown Woman Next Door

Chapter 4: Vinegar-Infused Honey

Chapter 5: The Ladies Who Lunch

Chapter 6: Something Rotten

Chapter 7: Dynamic Synergies: After Dark

Chapter 8: The Chamber of Cultural Exclusivity, Like From the Title

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