You and your friends have, like all great genius success stories, built something truly amazing in your garage. Move over, Steve Jobs. You've built the first fully functioning time machine! Your options were limited, so you had to build it out of your dad's riding lawnmower, but still... pretty cool.


                                               Building a time machine has been your dream ever since you were wee lads and lasses.                                                    You all share a common love of the greatest decade known to humankind

                                                 (in your opinions, at least)—the 1990s. You've always dreamt of being

                                                  able to get back to that Golden Age, when mullets, grunge, and

                                                   tapered pants reigned supreme.


                                                      Nobody else really gets it, but that's okay. You and your gang are

                                                       ready to hightail it out of the stupid present and go hang with

                                                      Madonna for a while (the cool Madonna, before she got all Kabbalah-y).


                               The lawnmower roars to life and all systems are go, with you and your friends crowded onto it...


...but just as it goes into hyperdrive (which, in this case, is about 7 mph), a transmission belt snaps, sparks fly, and the thing starts spinning in circles. 


                                   There's a flash of light... and then calm. 

                                          At first, it seems as if the journey has been successful. You're in a VHS

                                              video store. But... why does it say "BlankBlaster" everywhere? And

                                              what is this movie starring someone named... Crispin Slaker? 

                                           You all suddenly realize... you're in the '90s, all right, but it isn't your '90s.

                                          You've quantum leaped into the '90s of an alternate dimension, one

                                         where Michael Jordan can't get off the bench and Sonic is a meerkat.


And the hits keep coming. Your time machine appears to be busted. Your friend who designed most

of the machine tells you he is missing three crucial parts: a motor assembly he got from his mom’s kitchen mixer, two 2.5” wheels used to rotate a gear shaft, and his dad’s old Armatron (a toy robot that is basically this machine’s flux capacitor).

                                                               But how are you going to find the replacement parts

                                                                while locked inside this dark video store after hours?