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PRESS RELEASE: March 26, 2018


Sheep of God Blurs Line Between Cult and Religion


It was his miracles that inspired them. It was a miracle they would need in order to survive him.


Todd Kreisman’s Sheep of God (320 pp., $14.99 paperback, $4.99 ebook) is a darkly comic commentary on the perils of religious extremism. It launches on Friday, March 30th, and will be available on Amazon.


Mark Ebner, New York Times best-selling author, says, "It is difficult to believe that this is author Todd Kreisman's rookie effort, because this twisted mind-bender of a novel lands him squarely in concert with the true masters of the modern suspense genre. Sheep of God will have you flipping pages frantically, as if your fingertips were set aflame by Kreisman's combustible prose, and what-happens-next is your only salve."


In a quiet Arizona town, Talbot Ward—who believes he is endowed with supernatural powers—finds himself with an opportunity to use his hypothetical gifts to take advantage of the good, God-fearing people who live there.

Following the apparent resurrection of a pastor, Talbot convinces the members of a Baptist congregation that he is not merely a messenger of God, but God himself. He assembles a throng of avid followers who relinquish their material possessions, giving themselves over to the glory of their new messiah. The Order’s situation worsens over time, as Talbot’s sermons grow increasingly violent. Some of the sheep in his flock wonder if they’ve been had, and begin to fear for their lives.


The late Robert S. Levinson, best-selling author of the Gulliver and Marriner novels, says, “Sheep of God is immediately consuming and does not let go. At the same time that you will be engaged and enthralled by Kreisman’s nuanced and witty prose, you will be challenged to test your assumptions about what defines cult from religion. It hits all the right notes with exacting precision.”


Todd Kreisman is the author of The Wellspring and the soon-to-be-released Gateway to Agartha. His screenplay The Metamorphosis of Tucker Hughey was a finalist in the first season of Project Greenlight. He is a contract writer for Shmoop, a digital education publishing company, and has written material for the stage that has been produced in Chicago and Los Angeles. He lives in the LA area, and runs an author website at

ISBN 978-1-985-67874-3


Book orders may be placed at Amazon, or via the author’s website after March 30th launch.


To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Todd Kreisman at 818-645-8990, or at

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