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The reference for this painting was a freeze frame from a video (provided to me by Sarah Coston Leaphart) that has long beguiled me. It depicts an actual moment wherein Sarah's daughter Olivia, upon seeing one of her fellow mini-ballerinas approaching her, joyfully and for no apparent reason whatsoever cold-cocked the girl, laying her flat. I do not, of course, promote violence against young people - nor against any people, for that matter - but this is just simply hilarious. 


I've kept the image saved on my computer and phone since, knowing that I would one day want to represent the glorious event on canvas. The idea was to stray from my usual style and employ a bit of impressionism as a nod to Degas, who of course famously painted ballerinas. 

As always, I try to infuse my paintings with humor whenever possible. I hope this one brings you half as much joy as the moment that inspired it clearly brought Olivia. 


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