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Sheep of God

In a sleepy Arizona town, Talbot Ward—who believes he is endowed with supernatural powers—finds himself with an opportunity to use his hypothetical gifts to take advantage of the good, God-fearing people who live there.

Following the apparent resurrection of a pastor, Talbot convinces the members of a Baptist congregation that he is not merely a messenger of God, but God himself. He assembles a throng of avid followers and, in true cult fashion, they relinquish their material possessions, giving themselves over to the glory of their new messiah. The Order’s situation worsens over time, as Talbot’s sermons grow increasingly violent. Some of the sheep in his flock wonder if they’ve been had, and begin to fear for their lives.

Sheep of God is a literary novel that examines the line between cult and religion, and begs the reader to question how easily an accepted, mainstream faith can arise out of dubious circumstances. 


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