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This is the second in a collection of 24x24 paintings representing NFL teams, painted only in the team colors. 


It was an obvious choice to tackle (pun intended) the Panthers next, considering my wife is a rabid Panthers fan, as are many of our mutual friends. I've started out with a bear and a panther, two notoriously ferocious beasts - it will be interesting to see how I handle teams with less terrifying subjects/mascots, like the Steelers or Patriots. Or the Browns. 


It's still something of an experiment with style for me. I'm used to painting careful, detailed work, so it's foreign - scary but a bit exhilarating - to free myself up and paint from the hip, so to speak.


One cool thing about this piece is that the eyes do genuinely seem to follow you, no matter where you stand to view it. 

Keep Pounding

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